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 Shuurai, The Lightning Demon

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Kilam Kasen
Council of Darkness
Council of Darkness
Kilam Kasen

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PostSubject: Shuurai, The Lightning Demon   Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:07 pm

Name: Shuurai

Requirements: At least 20HP

Magic Cost: 30MP

Quantity: 1 Demon

Description: Very sharp and shiny dragon head with long, pointy horns. It has a very long and thin body as well with what seems to be a curved sword shoved in it's back shoved into it's back. The handle has a piece of unknown fur on it's handle. Shuurai also has 2 shining devil wings coming out of it's back near where the sword is. It's arms and legs look like large, curved blades with many signs on them. It is green with red crack looking designs pulsing on it. Finally, it has a blood red mane.

Capabilities: Roll 3 Die to decide attack
3~ Death Bite Shuurai dashes forward, biting the enemy for 10HP damage It also deals 5 damage per turn for 2 turns.
4-6~ Miracle Shuurai roars before glowing white and disappearing Heals 15HP to user unless it's the first post where it just means to roll again.
7-9~ Lightning Strike Shuurai flaps it's wings, causing 1-6 lightning bolts to strike the enemy. Roll Die to decide how many lightning bolts hit the enemy for 5HP damage each.
10-12~ Thunder Shield Shuurai causes a wave of thunder to surround the user. The shield protects the user from 35HP damage.
13-15~ Lightning Shield Shuurai raises it's head and lightning surrounds the user. Protects from 35HP damage and attack is increased by 5.
16+ Demonic Lightning Strike Shuurai roars extremely loudly, causing the sky to turn red and black, Shuurai then rises in the air, getting black armor and 6 wings It then roars and hits the enemy with a large jolt of black electricity. This deals 50HP damage.

Summon Stats:
HP: 150HP
MP: 0
Life: 1 post

History: Kilam wanted to learn about demons and Heartless that he could fuse and create the ultimate Heartless. Unfortunatly, he could find no demons so he grabbed one of his books and began to reseach them. Soon, he found demons that were banished and they gave their powers to others. Kilam was able to summon it and has been using it as a weapon that would be able to nearly kill anything in his way.

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PostSubject: Re: Shuurai, The Lightning Demon   Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:09 pm

I guess o0?
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Shuurai, The Lightning Demon
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