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 Angel of Death

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Angel of Death
Council of Darkness
Council of Darkness
Angel of Death

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PostSubject: Angel of Death   Angel of Death Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 2:53 pm

Name: Angel of Death (Angel for short)

Age: Unknown and unable to be tracked (1,389)

Gender: Female

Home World: The World that never was

Race/Species: heartless

Appearance: Organization 13 items, coat, boots, shirt, pants, Blue eyes, Black hair with red streaks. has the heartless crest on her right wrist.

Personality: Kills for fun, heartless, Plays with emotions to gain peoples, trust before she steals their heart for herself.

Weapons: Scythe

Fighting Style: Heartless

Affinities: Stealing Peoples hearts, Goes on the side with the highest bidder.

Weaknesses: Showing real emotions of love, happiness, love

History: Born through a demon ritual, Shadow was a creation of death. Her tasks have been played to watch over the dead, guide the souls to their everlasting sleep. Shadow grew more onto the subject and liked to see this death over and over. She wanted it more fresh tough. Her first event was out at the smallest part of a kingdom. A small child was walking back to his house with a big bot in his hands. Shadow rushed by him and started to laugh. The boy dropped the pot and took a step back. He was traumatized and was unable to move as of now. Shadow held her hand in the air and her scythe was summoned. It appeared at the base of the staff first, then grew longer to the top where the blade was formed. The boy finally got the courage to run but Shadow's scythe was to large that she only took one swing and the boy was cut in half. The parents rushed out at the sound of the screams but only saw their only boy and child being taken away by what they thought and now call her, The Angle of Death.Shadow took a liking to children more then adults.
A few years pass since she was on her rampage. Two Vampire hunters caught her, being called in for a case where they thought she was a vampire, being the features of one. They tracked her down and finally captured her, their skills acting the same to this. They brought her to another ceremony where the angel was trapped into a willing parents baby. She thought it would save her dying baby witch it did. Shadow played along with this acting as if she had lost her memories from this event. Although she continued her horrid behavior. The mother blamed the demon in her child and believed her child is fighting it and winning even though that child died the second Shadow was in her body, eating the poor child's soul to preserve her powers until she gained her strength back.
Her body aged like that of a humans and Shadow found that when it would be the old dying age of these humans she would die as well. Not letting this happen she waited until her mother "died" (Shadow killed her) before setting off to find people to help her that like her work. Only a few months passed before she found a small group of people that wanted her to be free ever since she was trapped. They offered the ultimate sacrifice, giving all their lives for the process to be success. The manage to free her from her human form. Although she was not strong enough to sustain in the open. Shadow was then place in the body of a new breed of heartless. This heartless had the form of a human and was powerful. The process to get her into this form made the heartless lose most of that power, fighting the Angel but lost in the end.
Shadow moved on, proving she was strong and not easily killed off in such a way. She now is with the organization XIII Members. She does not care what side she is on, so long as she will get strong enough to once regain her lost form.

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PostSubject: Re: Angel of Death   Angel of Death Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 3:36 pm

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Angel of Death
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