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PostSubject: Rixusaku   Rixusaku Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 9:04 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Name: Rixusaku

Like a Star @ heaven Nickname: Jubilance of Alluring Ace

Like a Star @ heaven Age: 1 [Looks 18]

Like a Star @ heaven Gender: Female

Like a Star @ heaven Home World: The World That Never Was

Like a Star @ heaven Race/Species: Nobody

Like a Star @ heaven Appearance:
Color: Golden blond with blue highlights
Length/Style: Boy cut that's spiky, under that is long hair ending mid-bicep, bangs that reach her eyes but one piece reaches to her nose, and small pigtails at the top of her head.
Eyes: Big and blue with a hint of gray silver.
Skin: In between pale and tan.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100 lbs
Clothes: Organization XIII coat, black tight leather pants, black leather gloves, and Demonia black 3 buckle platform boots with steal toes.
Necklace(s): A black chocker with silver spikes.
Earing(s): Silver studs on both ears then two hoops after that (onyx) except the right ear has an additional one, and then two silver hoops in the cartilage area.

Like a Star @ heaven Personality: Like it says in her nickname, she is always cheerful and hyper. In many ways she acts like a little kid, but if you get her mad she's worse than a lion protecting her young. It's hard to actually get her angry though. Often times she'll just get annoyed with someone. When she's annoyed, she acts more like her age. Whenever she's fighting an enemy, she gets a psychotic state of mind and toys with the enemy's mind. Beware though, most of the time she never does what she's told. Either that or she'll play around with the words and do something completely different.

Like a Star @ heaven Weapon(s):
Weapon: Dancing Aisuarashi
Nobody: Skater

Like a Star @ heaven Fighting Style(s):
Rixusaku: She likes to get up close and personal to the person, considering the length of her swords. The swords also allow her to be extremely fast. When she is fighting offensively she uses both swords to attack, but when she fights defensively she uses one sword primarily for attack and the other for blocking. If her swords are ever knocked out of her hands, she'll call out her nobodies to distract her enemy so she can retrieve her swords.
Skater: Whenever it attacks it circles around it's enemy with incredible speed first to confuse them. Once they're confused, they'll move closer and spin around at super fast speed. The spin attacks will consist of two types. One is its razor sharp ribbons and the other is the blades on the bottom of their feet. Their weaknesses are either fire-based attacks or being held in place to stop their movements.

Like a Star @ heaven Affinities:
Element: Ice
Other: She's flexible and agile, and also has a great sense of balance. Her swords never leave her hands unless her enemy tries to run away. Once that happens she throws them like daggers at the person's back.

Like a Star @ heaven Weakness(es):
Rixusaku: She doesn't play well with others, so most of the time she'll do missions on her own. If she does a mission with someone, she'll either do nothing or take over and boss them around. Another weakness would be fire, considering her main element is ice.
Skater: If someone figures out their pattern of fighting, they can't easily dodge their enemy's attack. Also fire based attacks and being held in place by something.

Like a Star @ heaven History: She doesn't know anything about who she's a nobody of, but she does know they're no longer around and that she's a nobody. She's only been around for a year [Hence her age] but she's not dumb. Before she became part of the Organization XIII she ran around all over the place in many different worlds, causing all kinds of mischief. Other than that, she doesn't have a history considering how long she's been around.

Like a Star @ heaven Picture(s): Rixusaku RixusakuCharacterSheetc

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PostSubject: Re: Rixusaku   Rixusaku Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 9:06 pm

to have that nobody just make it a summon, other then that it looks good, approve
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<GM>Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: Re: Rixusaku   Rixusaku Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 9:19 pm

Hmm....writing style seems familiar....Ah! I know who jooh are! But...I'm not gonna say nothing silent
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PostSubject: Re: Rixusaku   Rixusaku Icon_minitime

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