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 Nobody: Umbra (Inactive)

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PostSubject: Nobody: Umbra (Inactive)   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:08 pm


Like a Star @ heaven Name: Umbra

Like a Star @ heaven Requirements: To be a Nobody/Organization XIII Member

Like a Star @ heaven Magic Cost: ~7-20

Like a Star @ heaven Quantity: 5-15

Like a Star @ heaven Description: It's a little smaller than a lion but it's like a house cat made of shadows. Its ears are longer and so are it's limbs. It's eyes glow a bright white and so do it's fangs when they show. The nobody symbol is hidden under its belly, one of the main reasons it's mistaken for a heartless. The other reason is because it's mainly black instead of white.

Like a Star @ heaven Capabilities: It uses itself as a defensive mechanism to confuse it's enemy, fading in and out of focus. Like it's master, it is also fast and likes to get up close and personal with it's enemy. As it disappears and reappears it slashes it's claws at the enemy, and then when they're about to die it leaps at them and bites their neck as a final move.

Like a Star @ heaven History: Like her weapon, she doesn't know where they came from. However, she didn't have them from the very beginning like her weapon. They appeared from seemingly no where when she was on the edge of disappearing from existence. When she saw them that very first time, she's worked and practiced on controlling whenever they come out or stay where ever they were. Again, she knew everything there was about them before she joined the Organization XIII.
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PostSubject: Re: Nobody: Umbra (Inactive)   Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:09 pm

Wow, I didn't have to punch your eye for thi- WTF? -punches your eye- You forgot... oh wait, there it is. Approved
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Nobody: Umbra (Inactive)
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