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 UD News Article (I)

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PostSubject: UD News Article (I)   UD News Article (I) Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 9:03 pm

A Search Engine will be available for use in each forum and category which will make it much easier to find topics that you wish to look at, we plan on taking this effect very soon. NOW AVAILABLE

The Blizz Staff will be working on an official site which will hold all site news and other information like patches (More information will be coming soon) . This site will stay as it is and will be worked on to further expand your game play while you are here on this forum.

Official Site URL: COMING SOON

"Auction House" will be a new system where you can auction items that you have and receive money when someone else buys it. NOW AVAILABLE

PTF (Player Test Forum): The Blizz Staff is currently working on making a PTF forum where you can test out the new features they are currently working on and give feedback on. PTF is only open to those you sign up for it and is open for a limited amount of days.


Arena: Arena will be a competition where you can test how good you really are. You are able to make up to 3 teams ; a (5v5) , (3v3), and a (2v2) Each player will be given 5000 Money and will be played in an Arena Forum (which means the character you are competing with is a copy of your own character so the things you receive only go for towards Arena) (More Information coming soon.) NOW AVAILABLE

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UD News Article (I)
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