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PostSubject: Zexion   Zexion Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2008 3:28 pm

Name: Zexion, The Cloaked Schemer

Age: 9 (looks 19)

Gender: Male

Home World: The World That Never Was

Race/Species: Nobody

Appearance: basic organization 13 outfit:
Black hooded coat that has a zipper down the whole front side. It has been undone at the bottom and opens up about halfway on the coat. He has black pants to match the same color as the coat. Black boots that go to halfway on his feet below the knees. There is a rather large chain at the top of the coat and swings around to make it so it looks like the stings on his hood, and a necklace. There are no marks on his body, or if he did, the coat had covered it up so no one could even see it.
Silver hair that goes down just past his ears, and his bangs are a little bit past his eyes. It looks as if shakes his head around to get the style but it looks as if he had spent some time to get it the way it is.
Personality: Calm and likes to think things though.

Personality: Like it says in his nickname, he always tricks people. He acts serious and fun at times, and likes to screw with people in that way. In battles he always thinks one what is going on before he makes his move, but in the event where he knows he will not win he actually runs from the battle. Most of the time he wont even be in the battle in the first place if he thinks he will lose, that or it wont pose much of a challenged.

Weapons: lexicon, a book that traps people in his own alternate reality. The book is in an encoding that only he seems to understand. He also has the powers of Illusion to trick his targets.
Nobody: A playful little nobody called Phantasmagoria. Its meaning is literally a shifting series of illusions, or deceptive appearances.

Fighting Style: trickery

Affinities: Illusions

Weaknesses: giving in a little to easily.

History: Zexion had never liked the past he had. Ever since he was in the organization he was grateful because he wouldn’t have to fade into the darkness like all the other nobodies had. He was one of the few to actually managed to maintain a form. Xemnas was his best friend and he always would follow him and his works. All the nobodies really want Is a heart, but they already show off characteristics that would make you believe they did. As he went on in life, he was paired up with a lot of other members of the group. He is now with Rixusaku, her attitude changing how he acts like everyone elses.
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