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PostSubject: Zexion   Zexion Icon_minitimeWed Mar 12, 2008 9:38 pm


Zexion Zexion

Zexion has been here on the site since day one and never gave up on the site. A hardworking person like Zexion deserves to be on the "Hall of Fame" because of the hardworkship he has done on this site and the extensible amount of knowledge Zexion has to improve the site and make it enjoyable for all players.

(Written by Zexion Himself)

Well, I guess I should do this now, rather then later. My Name is Derek and I am 16 years old. I was born in Tehachapi, CA. My parents split up when I was around 5 to 6. I really don't know much about my past. I don't have the best of memory. When my parents broke up we moved to Arizona, where I still live today. I am currently in high school, trying to get into the gaming area. I love to write things, mostly a bunch of random stuff. I do, however, get bored real easily, so I have yet to actually finish any of my stories.

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