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Silvia Callisto

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PostSubject: Riya   Riya Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 12:31 pm

Name: Riya

Age: 15 (Appears 18 years)

Gender: Female

Home World: Espitreos - a world of technology and magic, of demons, angels, humans, elves, and practically everything in between. This is a world where good and evil isnít indicated by your choice of magic but instead your own will. The entire place is separated into different countries, the most notable being Espion for its scientific advancements. Despite the separation of countries, global security is maintained by a special military/mercenary group of sorts unknown to the general populace and the governments themselves, rumored only in the mercenary underground as a sort of vigilante group that deals with injustice in their own way: the Blackwings.

Race/Species: Artificially-created human/demon hybrid.

Appearance: Appearing as an 18-year-old standing at 5'9.5" (only because of her boots, which have increased her height by five and a half inches), Riya is a pale-skinned, athletic, and thin figure, easily distinguishable in a crowd in general sunny places namely because of the sheer amount of dark colors she normally wears. Her bangs are generally seen in nine spikes, eight of them heading off to the left side of her face and the ninth hanging off to the side of her right eye. The rest of her hair is in two layers - the top layer being spiked in a sort of punkish pixie/bob mix, and the lower layer being a thin ponytail that falls to her waist. Her hair is naturally black with blue streaks, an unexpected product of the human and demonic blood that makes up her being. Her eyes are somewhat almond-shaped, and the irises are colored sea-blue/green with a ring of yellow around the pupil.

As for her outfit, Riya's general appearance includes a peacock-blue sleeveless t-shirt that heads down to her hips, hemmed in indigo blue with a sort of wave pattern on the bottom half. Her pants are black in color, held up by a leather belt with silver buckle that depicts a nine pointed star, and tucked into her boots, a pair of Transmuters with four buckles (three on the leg, one on the foot) and red panels, covering the tongue and the front and back of the actual platforms. She wears black gloves underneath a pair of fingerless ones, hemmed in yellow and heading up to her elbow, alternating between blue and violet sections. Over this entire outfit, she wears her signature trenchcoat - black, sleeveless, and hooded with two yellow double-bands heading down either side, with two indicated mid-sections: a blue double-diamond like section that takes up most of the middle of the coat, and a red 'shadow' right below the lower half of the indigo section. This coat can be zipped up, but is generally open unless she requires extra warmth. Over her boots, she wears a set of metal greaves, generally colored with blue, black, and violet panels, stopping at the knees, and has matching armor for her left shoulder and arm.

It should also be noted that Riya's clan-emblem, indicating her as a member of the Blackwings, is depicted on the back of her left hand, hidden by her armor and gloves. The Blackwings emblem is that of a heart with one angelic and one demonic wing on either side with a nine-pointed star in the center and a sword heading straight through the middle of the heart vertically.

Personality: Riya is full of paradoxes - cocky, yet modest, loud yet quiet, happy-go-lucky yet cautious. Generally polite around strangers - unless she's in a rather foul mood, which is rare - and extremely kind to young children, Riya is a chaotic kid with a strange personality. Generally a person to strike it out solo in missions but enjoys the company of others, Riya is protective yet destructive. In polite company, she's generally modest, silent unless spoken to, and a bit happy-go-lucky, and thus very approachable. In the heat of battle, she's a bit flamboyant, loud, a bit cautious, and rather destructive towards her enemies. In her opinion, it's skill and determination that make the rank in the Blackwings, not the amount of kills made or connections created. The girl is loyal to her friends and her fellow Blackwings, namely their cause - to seek out and destroy injustice and evil wherever they find it, be it on Espitreos, or in Riya's new case, off-world.
General pet peeves include remarks about her height (she is considered rather short for her age on her world), preps, and people who constantly try to get on her case. She loves music, art, and the written word, and will generally be listening to her music and drawing or writing at the same time when relaxed and not on a mission, self-given or not.

Weapons: ((I'll fill this out now so that way I at least remember what the weapons are. If they are rejected, then I'll alter this later.)) Trained to use a number of weapons, Riya has only four that she keeps on her person at all times.
Gita - a wrist-blade called a cestus, generally three blades in a sort of ark formation that are generally used for slashing. Reliant on speed and imbued with the power of water.
Shyamal - A multi-bladed wrist blade called a suwayyah, Riya has had this weapon for as long as she could remember. Reliant on speed and imbued with the power of ice.
Astraea and Nemesis - twin pistols said to have come from a heroine of the past, rumored to have been the signature weapons of Espion's Project: INFINITY herself. The guns themselves are unloaded, but a mere pull of the trigger sends out blasts of dark energy, called Dusk Magic. Riya generally uses these weapons often, and has used them ever since she found them five years ago.

Fighting Style: Riya's fighting style is generally that of a mix between hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, and gunfire, occasionally two at the same time. She is adaptive and will improvise on a whim if disarmed, and prefers speed over power. In her case, the faster the better, and will attempt to land as many strikes as possible.

Affinities: Riya and marksmanship go hand in hand. The girl has good eyes, partially because of her demonic nature, and is also known to be the fastest member in the Blackwings, proven by her 'trigger-happy' hands. The girl is also skilled in manipulating 'Dusk Magic' - the chaotic, middle magic that mediates her world's 'Light' and 'Dark' magic. She will shape it to meet her needs, ranging from powering Astraea and Nemesis to increasing the speed and defenses of others for a short amount of time. She's also a quick learner and if she sees it and wants to learn it, she'll be determined to try and nail down the skill she sees, or at least improvise and give it her own twist. (This is mainly in the case of spells.) She is faster than normal elves and has the same general toughness and vitality of a demon.

Weaknesses: Due to the fact that Dusk magic is a bit darker than pure balance between light and dark and the fact that she's partially demon, magically created light will cause her to become paralyzed if she looks into it. She's also more used to dark environments and artificial lighting, thus isn't precisely fond of the sun. She doesn't work well with fire magicks - or most elemental magicks for that mater - and will generally stick to her strengths. She is also very stubborn when it comes to her job and whenever innocents are in danger...although that might be a bit more of a strength than a weakness. Her demonic half also gives her a weakness to holy water.

History: Riya was created in an unknown research facility in Espion, whose scientists were repeating a mistake made long ago - the same one made when they made Project: INFINITY, that to create the ultimate soldier to defend Espitreos, or rather Espion, from outside attack. They took the DNA of Project: INFINITY's finished product, the heroine known as Silvia Callisto who had died thirteen years ago, and mixed it with that of a speed demon, creating a half-demon Dusk Mage. However, believing that this would upset the balance of the world - by creating a Dusk Mage with demonic blood - a scientist and contact with the Blackwings smuggled her out of the facility, giving the girl to the mercenary group. She asked that she be raised as a defender of justice and innocence, and not a soldier hell-bent on destruction like Espion's corrupt officials. Naturally, the heads of the guild agreed, and the half-demon girl was given the name of Riya.

Riya grew up in the Blackwings' headquarters, located in the underground city of Shadowfield, training to become a strong vigilante and Dusk Mage. Her trainer, guardian, and general parental figure was an elf by the name of Jett Railith - the same elf that had taught Silvia everything that she had known before her first adventure so many years ago and had started the Blackwings. Come age 10, Riya was a chaotic little kid with a love for fun, games, music, and showing off in battle. During an exploration of the more abandoned parts of the city, Riya accidentally had gotten lost in the midst of the streets and had stumbled across an old house that had a pair of twin guns inside, one labeled Astraea and the other labeled Nemesis. She brought them back to Jett, asking to be trained in the use of guns. Jett, reluctantly, agreed, and was surprised when the girl used 'Dusk Bullets' - the same kind of magic that shot out of the twin guns when held in the hands of Silvia Callisto. This made Jett even more attached to the girl, and continued to teach her what he knew.

The girl's first mission was at age eleven, in which she was successfully able to confuse and take back the booty of a bunch of bandits in the forests that surrounded Shadowfield. She was awarded her close-range weapons - Gita and Shyamal, which she still uses to this day. The girl is a mid-ranking member of the Blackwings now, and generally underestimated due to her young age by older members who have just joined. Her current mission is to investigate the appearance of the strange dark creatures that have begun to show up all around Espitreos. It was while trailing one of these creatures - a Shadow Heartless - that the girl accidentally fell through a Dark Corridor, and found herself in another world entirely.

Pictures: ((None yet - I'll more than likely post them once I draw them.))

((Sincerest of apologies if this was an eyesore to read... I'm used to filling out detailed character profiles.))
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PostSubject: Re: Riya   Riya Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 12:37 pm

Vary well done, approved
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