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 Riya's Enchantments (Dusk Bullets, active)

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Silvia Callisto

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PostSubject: Riya's Enchantments (Dusk Bullets, active)   Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:16 pm

Name: Magic Bullets (Dusk Bullets)

Magic Cost: 1 MP per bullet

Effects: Allows unlimited ammunition in a ranged, unloaded weapon. Advised to be used sparingly. Genetic ability.

History: Dusk Bullets are a genetic ability, as the last person known to use them in history is Silvia Callisto (whose DNA was used in Riya's creation). Riya's first use of the ability was when she was first beginning to use her new guns, Astraea and Nemesis (namely Nemesis) at age 10.
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Riya's Enchantments (Dusk Bullets, active)
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