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PostSubject: Azulong   Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:39 pm

Name: Azulong

Belongs to: Aerith Gainsborough

Requirements: Must have [Gem of Azulong] (only can be used once per battle)

Magic Cost: Uses no mana, only the gems power.

Quantity: 1


Capabilities: Can be used anytime and anywhere.

History: Protector of Kingdom Hearts

Health: 10,000

Mana: 10,000


Lightning Whip ~ Causes 2500 Damage and stops all damage.

Spark ~ Hits all enemies around for 1500 damage.

Nega Blast ~ Hits a single target for 6354 damage. (can only be used once every 3 posts.)

Thunder God~ Hits all foes for 10,000 damage (Can only be used once every 3 battles)

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- Energy Potion (Alchemy)x3

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