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 Genesis' Realization

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PostSubject: Genesis' Realization   Genesis' Realization Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 9:10 pm

Genesis walks up to a bookshelf in the library and pulls out a book. "The history of Jenova...sounds intresting..." Genesis flips through a few pages in the book and sees a page about a sword weilder named Urabar. "He pulled the sword, sun shining bright on him...That's enough of that...I'm tired of hearing this 'The chosen weilder''s not the sword which makes one's how one uses it..." Genesis unsheathes his sword and looks at it, his reflection staring grimly back at him. "I...I have become a legendary monster...for I used my sword for evil and revenge..." Genesis raises his hand and his sword starts to float. "My sword...crafted from the finest ruby in the world...was used for evil, when ment for good..." Genesis snapped and his sword was gone. "I don't be so powerful..."
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Genesis' Realization
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