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 NEW!!! Summon and Enchantment Rules and Regulations!

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PostSubject: NEW!!! Summon and Enchantment Rules and Regulations!   Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:55 am

Basic Rules:

-No god-mod summons or enchantments, they will be unapproved, and probably deleted on sight
-Summons and Enchantments cost magic
-Enchantments are like permenant spells on items
-Make sure you know how many summons and enchantments you are allowed to have before making new ones
-Make sure you know how much magic you have before making new summons or enchantments
-If you fail to follow the template for your enchantment or summon, then it will most likely be unapproved, be ignored, or just cause trouble for moderators and administrators
-Do not barrage moderators and administrators with requests for approval, we are few and usually busy
-Pictures of summons are greatly appreciated
-If you come up with more ideas for summons or enchantments, make new topics for them, do not post or edit them into old topics of already approved summons or enchantments, thats a pain
-Title summons and enchantments with their names, its nicer to look at then "bOBs SUmmoN" or "BoBz EnccHantmnNT"

Summon Format]:

Name: (What is the summon called?)

Health: (How much health it has)

Mana: (How much mana it has)

Requirements: (What do you need in order to use your summon?)

Magic Cost: (How much magic does it cost to use the summon?)

Quantity: (How many items, people, or creatures are you summoning?)

Description: (What does the summon look like?)

Capabilities: (What can the summoned object(s), creature(s) or person(s) do?)

History: (How did you get the summoned object(s), creature(s) or person(s)? What has/have the summon(s) done? How are you and the summon related?)

Abilities: (List abilities underneath)

Enchantment Format:

Name: (What is the enchantment called?)

Magic Cost: (How much magic does it cost to use the enchantment?)

Effects: (What does the enchantment do?)

History: (How did you receive the enchantment? Was whatever the enchantment is on always enchanted? What has the enchantment done?)

Summon Amount Limits:

Under 650 posts: 1 Summon
Over 650 posts: 2 Summons
Over 1200 posts: 3 Summons
Over 2000 posts: 4 Summons
Over 3500 posts: 5 Summons
Over 4700 posts: 6 Summons
Over 6000 posts: 7 Summons

Enchantment Amount Limits:

Under 500 posts: 1 Enchantment
Over 500 posts: 2 Enchantments
Over 750 posts: 3 Enchantments

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NEW!!! Summon and Enchantment Rules and Regulations!
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