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PostSubject: Recruiting!!!!!!!   Recruiting!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2008 8:00 am

KHT is now recuirting and is in need of 2 mods and 1 Admin. If you are active everyday and you know how to handle the site then please fill out the forms below and pm it to me, and only me.

Moderator Application:

What interests do you have in becoming a Mod?

What would you do for the site if you became a Mod?

Do you know what to look for when you are approving and dissapproving?

Have you ever been a Mod in any other site? (if so name them and there administrators names)

Can be active when I ask so we can get certain projects done?

Any questions?

Admin Application

What interest you in becoming an Admin?

What expierence do you have with Forumotion inc.?

Can you create your own designs to help the site improve the way it looks?

Do you know how to control the Administration Panel?

Are you aware of all of the rules and regulations and will you be able to catch things certain mods may not have been able to?

Do you have leadership skills?

Have you ever been an Admin on any other site? (if so please name the site and the Admin that is on that site)

Will you be active everyday? (if not don't bother applying)

Please list here your greatest RP sample on KHT:

What skills do you have with Media and Design?

Any Questions?

Thank you for all particpants who filled out an application ... and good luck.

You may fill out both applications if you choose, be aware that you may not get them at all, or just one of them.

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