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 Creating a Cannon Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Cannon Character   Creating a Cannon Character Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2007 5:58 pm

From now on if you are going to be using a canon character (a character from the series, Ex. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Yuffie, etc.) as your character, you must give an rp sample as if you were rping as that person, and from now on only admin can approve canon character applications, here is an example:


Quote :
"BANG!" *A section of the wall down the hallway Xigbar was running collapses as he approaches, the debris creates a blockade, preventing Xigbar from advancing any further in that direction, the real Zexion appears down the hallway, back where Xigbar had entered Castle Oblivion* "Look what youve done to my castle Xigbar.. i think youre gunna have to pay for this.." *Zexion holds out his hand and his lexicon appears in it*

and you get ONE shot, if you give a bad rp the first try you must create a custom character, if your first try is bad and you fix it, chances are you wont want to fix every rp-post thereafter, and keep in mind that canon characters are important and in demand, only take one if you will be active constantly

also, from now on, if you make a character, and eventually you find that you no longer like that character and plan on them dying, you may not create a new character using one of the canon, particularly the organization members, this is unfair to new people who would wish to be them from the beginning and its unfair to those who have to learn to use portals as you basically cheated to get them, even if you do not plan your custom characters death, it is still close to impossible for an admin or moderator to allow you a canon character, which is why only admin will be approving any canon character from here on out

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Creating a Cannon Character
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