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 Character Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Character Rules and Regulations   Character Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2007 6:01 pm

Basic Rules:

-No god-mod characters, no one is invincible, and you will be practically auto-unapproved by moderators and administrators, if not deleted on sight
-Before choosing to be a character from the game, check the character database to make sure they arent taken, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE
-If you are going to pick a character from the game make sure you act as they would, if you fail to then a moderator or administrator will have to make things hard for you, and if you act as they would then role-playing is much funner
-The more pictures of your character the better
-There is no technology allowed here, none at all, you may notice some players with technology, they got it before this rule became active, canons can be allowed it to the extent of their character
-We do not allow other genre characters directly ripped from other games and shows, no Itachi, no Master Cheif, no Kagome, no one, certain people already have that kind of character, they got them before this rule became active
-Be creative
-If you make a heartless or nobody character, please check the announcement concerning them in the character database section
-You are only allowed to have ONE character on a account and one account per person
-If you fail to use the format for your character, chances are you will be unapproved, ignored by administrators and moderators, or you'll cause massive pain for them
-If you are unsure about your character, take some time to think about it, do not just blindly post up whatever pops into your head, the site isnt going anywhere
-Dont be afraid to have to completely revamp a character, maybe its for the better
-Have fun with it =D

Character Format:

Name: (What is your characters name?)

Age: (How old is your character? How old do you think they are/should be?)

Gender: (Are they male or female?)

Home World: (Where does your character originate?)

Race/Species: (What kind of being is your character? Heartless? Nobody? Human? Moogle? Half-Wolf? Demon?(If you make a nobody or heartless, check the character database for an announcement concerning them))

Appearance: (What does your character look like? What do they wear?)

Personality: (How does your character act?)

Weapons: (What weapons does your character use to fight?)

Fighting Style: (How does your character like to fight?)

Affinities: (What is your character good at? What general skills and abilities do they have?)

Weaknesses: (What is your character poor at? What general things do your character not work well with? What are their flaws?)

History: (What has your character done? What do they plan to do? What are their ambitions? What do they want in life?)

Pictures: (Any images of your character that you might have go here, they are optional)

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Character Rules and Regulations
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