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 7 Deadly Sins (Inactive)

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<GM>Daimos Ishida
<GM>Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: 7 Deadly Sins (Inactive)   Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:13 pm

Name: 7 Deadly Sins

Requirements: Must be wielding Fiend's Oath or in Kitsune no Ishida form.

Magic Cost: 2/3 overall HP and MP

Quantity: 7 demons embodying the 7 Deadly Sins:
Wrath -The demon embodying Wrath, the feeling of anger, fury, and rage.
Lust -The demon embodying Lust, the feeling of unsubstantiated desire
Gluttony -The demon embodying Gluttony, the desire of want without need
Envy -The demon embodying Envy, the feeling of jealousy towards others
Pride -The demon embodying Pride, the feeling of narcissism and self-absorption
Sloth -The demon embodying Sloth, the feeling of apathy and laziness
Greed -The demon embodying Greed, the feeling of selfish desire for possessions without generosity

Capabilities: Attacks vary between each of the Sins

History: Daimos received this summon when he went to see Thanatos, the God of Death. Thanatos told him more about why he was designated the Keyblade Reaper. Thanatos then explained that if he would be able to conquer his inner darkness, he would tell him how to use the evil within the hearts of others against them. Daimos completed his task, and was thus granted this powerful summon.

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7 Deadly Sins (Inactive)
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